What We Do

Wentworth Community Housing is a registered Tier 1 not-for-profit housing company, providing secure, appropriate and affordable housing across Western Sydney and Lithgow.

Our work reaches across the full spectrum of housing need from homelessness services to social and affordable housing options, as well as innovative housing initiatives and community projects.

Tenant and client wellbeing are at the forefront of our work at Wentworth. We ensure that when a person or family is housed, their home is comfortable, safe and secure. We provide support for people to sustain their housing and provide people with the connections for them to fully participate in our communities.

We are committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing across Western Sydney and surrounds and will expand where we can develop strong community connections and effective partnerships.


Social & Affordable Housing

We provide and manage social and affordable properties across Western Sydney and Lithgow.

See Apply for Housing for more about applying for social or affordable housing. If you need assistance with finding housing, please call us on 02 4777 8000.

Neighbourhood Jobs

Neighbourhood Jobs is Wentworth’s social enterprise property-care business, providing short-term hands-on training and jobs to young people from Western Sydney.

Aimed to breaking the cycle of poverty, the business employs young people who, for various reasons, have struggled at school or faced circumstances that got in the way of steady employment or housing.

Our young employees receive coaching and training to help them gain job skills and the confidence to continue in employment and study, and build independent futures.

Neighbourhood Jobs is a great business offering affordable and high-quality lawn-mowing and other gardening services. We also have an exceptional team of professional supervisors who train and support our young people on site and deliver an excellent service to our customers.

Neighbourhood Jobs is wholly owned by Wentworth. For more information about Neighbourhood Jobs, please visit our website.

Homelessness Services​

We provide support and services to people in the Nepean Blue Mountains area who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

In the Penrith, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains Local Government Area (LGA), we lead two specialist homelessness services supporting people to access secure, long-term housing in social and private-rental properties. We also support women and children escaping domestic violence in the Hawkesbury as a partner to West Connect Domestic Violence Service.

Our Assertive Outreach service is vital in reaching people who are sleeping rough – under bridges, in parks, car parks and other public or nature-based locations.

If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness, call us on 02 4777 8000 or visit the Homelessness Support page for more information about our services.​