Repairs & Maintenance

If something is damaged or needs repairing in your home, call our Contact Centre on
02 4777 8000 (select option 1) as soon as possible.

Once you report your incident, a contractor will visit you to inspect the situation, and where possible, fix the issue on the spot. 

If it is an emergency, we will have someone visit your home within four (4) hours. 

You’ll need to tell us:

  • Your name and address
  • The maintenance problem
  • If you have spoken to Wentworth about the problem before
  • What time a tradesperson can get access to your property

Our Contact Centre is open between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Mondays to Fridays. On Wednesdays, the Contact Centre is closed until 1pm and your call with be diverted to an after-hours call centre. 

If you have an urgent maintenance issue out of office hours, call the Contact Centre and you will be diverted to an after-hours service.

Please notify us as soon as possible when you identify a maintenance issue.

Types of repairs

We organise repairs into three categories. Response times will depend on the type of problem you are having. 

Please note: if you are in a leasehold property, repairs may take longer as Wentworth needs to ask the Real Estate Agent to organise repairs.

Type Definition  Examples Response time
Emergency repairs Problems that immediately threaten your health, safety or security and need prompt action. Burst water pipe

Flood or sewer overflow

Gas leak

Dangerous electrical fault

within 4 hours
Priority repairs Problems that threaten your safety or security. Faulty smoke alarms

Blocked drains

Roof leak

Sewer blockages

No hot water

24 to 72 hours
Non urgent repairs Problems that don’t threaten your safety or security but can’t wait for planned works. Missing fly screen

Window lock or latch

24 hours to 20 days


Electricity, gas or water emergencies

Call our Contact Centre on 02 4777 8000 if you’re experiencing an electricity, gas or water emergency at your home. Out of hours calls will be diverted to an after-hours service.

For safety, follow the instructions below, while you wait for a professional.

  • Electrical faults: The electricity meter is where the mains switch and fuses are located. If the power or lights stop working, check whether a fuse has blown. If you think the problem is more than a blown fuse – e.g. you smell something burning, turn off the mains switch. This will cut the electricity supply to the property.
  • Gas: The gas meter is where the mains gas valve is located. If you think the gas is leaking, turn off the gas supply immediately.
  • Water: The water meter is where the mains water tap is located. If you have a badly leaking tap or a burst water pipe, turn off the water supply at the mains. This will stop the water flow to the property completely.


Paying for repairs

Sometimes repairs and maintenance are something Wentworth will pay for. This includes issues which are caused by a structural problem or because of an event such as a storm or something else which is out your control.

You will be asked to pay for repairs and maintenance, including emergency repairs, where you, a member of your household, a visitor or a pet have caused the damage, or where the damage has been caused as a result of not maintaining the property, e.g. cleaning your gutters.

The cause of damage is something we might disagree about. If you are dissatisfied with a decision we make on whether to charge you for repairs and maintenance, you can appeal the decision.


Other maintenance

To keep our properties and apartment complexes to a high standard, we have a planned maintenance program of works.

We will contact you when your property or building will be undergoing planned maintenance to tell you what will be happening and find a suitable time to access your home.

If you need help with any repairs or maintenance, please call the Wentworth Contact Centre on 02 4777 8000.