Payment Information

How to pay your rent

There are a few ways you can pay your rent:

  • Centrepay
  • Direct debit from your bank
  • Bank deposit

If you rent a home with Wentworth, you will have an Agent Number. Use this number whenever you pay rent, bond, water or any other charges to Wentworth so we can keep track of your payments.

If you would like to setup a deduction directly from your Centrelink payment to Wentworth to pay for your rent,, water or other charges, please complete and return the Centrepay Deduction Authority form.

Remember to pay your rent in advance.

Falling behind or unable to pay your rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent and bills, please contact your Client Service Officer. We will work with you to see if we can find a solution.

Your Client Service Officer can help you by:

  • discussing your rent account with you
  • setting up a payment plan to pay off your arrears
  • referring you to a financial counselling service.



The term ’arrears’ means that you are behind in your rent or owe money for other charges. Talk to your Client Service Officer if you are in arrears to organise a payment plan. If you fall into arrears by more than two weeks and have not been in contact with us to ask for help, proceedings with the NSW Civil and Administration Tribunal (NCAT) may be considered.

At NCAT two things can happen:

  • You may be ordered to pay the rent and other charges you owe
  • NCAT can authorise Link Wentworth to ask you to leave the property and pay any rent and other charges you owe.


Rental assistance

In social housing, to help you pay for your rent you can apply for:

  • a rental subsidy through Link Wentworth
  • Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) through Centrelink.


Rental subsidy

If you are a social housing tenant, we encourage you to apply for a rental subsidy every six (6) months.

The rental subsidy you will receive is based on:

  • a percentage of household income
  • plus 100% of your maximum entitlement for Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA).

This application is called ‘rent review’. It is important that you complete it on time, so your rental subsidy is not affected. If you return the forms late, you may be charged the full market rent.

Link Wentworth will conduct rent reviews every six months. The purpose of the review is to make sure you are paying the correct amount of rent and update any changes to your household income.

If your circumstances change, for example someone moves in or out of your home, you start a new job, or leave your job, you must contact us and return an ‘Application for a Rental Subsidy’ form, along with documentation supporting the changes, so that we can reassess your rental subsidy based on your new household income and you don’t fall behind in rent.

Useful information about rental subsidies


Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)

This is financial help to assist you to pay your rent. It is generally paid to eligible tenants who receive a Centrelink payment (such as JobSeeker, Disability Support Pension) and live in community housing or a private rental.

It is important you take your lease to Centrelink and let them know that you are renting from Link Wentworth. This is so you get your CRA and don’t pay more rent than you need to.

If you need help with paying your rent or other charges, or you don’t understand your rent payments, please contact the Link Wentworth Contact Centre on 02 4777 8000.


Other things you need to pay

  • Water

You will likely be charged for the water you use. We will send you a bill every three (3) months. You should pay the full amount within 21 days. The meter reading at the start of your tenancy is shown on your Property Condition Report.

  • Electricity & Gas

You are responsible for the cost of connection and use of electricity and gas. Any faults with wiring/gas pipes or the meter are Link Wentworth’s responsibility.

  • Household contents insurance

You are responsible for insuring your own possessions against fire, theft or other damage.

  • Repairs and Maintenance

You are responsible for the cost of repairing damage around your property that you have caused, or damage that has resulted from not maintaining your property. Click here for more about repairs and maintenance.

If you need help understanding your rent, please see the Tenant Handbook.