Make Changes to Your Home

If you’d like to make minor changes to your home, you will need Wentworth’s prior approval. At Wentworth we call these changes, alterations and additions. This might include, but is not limited to:

  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Foxtel or NBN installation
  • Applying picture hooks, curtain rails etc.painting rooms, walls, doors etc.

You can request alterations to your home by filling out an Alteration and Addition request form. Your CSO or our reception staff can give you the form or you can download it here. Our Assets Team will assess your request and let you know if you can proceed and if there are any conditions you need to meet.

Conditions of submitting this form

  1. The installation, future maintenance and/or repair costs at the end of my tenancy are my own responsibility.
  2. Permission from relevant local authorities have been granted (approvals to be submitted with this form) i.e. pools
  3. The item/s will be installed by a qualified professional (license details to be submitted with this form).
  4. WCH is not/will not be responsible for any damage created by the install of the above listed item/s.
  5. I will not carry out any works to the property until I receive a written approval response back from Wentworth Community Housing.
  6. If in the event that I leave the premises (under any circumstances) I will remove the above item/s and leave the property in its original.
    condition. If any damage or removal of the above is required to the property I understand that it will be charged back to me the tenant.
  7. I will complete works within 3 months of receiving written approval from Wentworth Community Housing.

Alterations to a Home Form

If the items being requested have already been installed, WCH may require further evidence of installation or WCH may require sending out contractors at the tenant’s expense to verify legal and compliant installation. WCH will contact the tenant prior to organising this.

Requesting for permission to install the following

Please Tick any of the below items: (If not listed below please tick other)

Please Tick the location in which you would like to install any of the above (If not listed below or multiple items please tick other)