Inspections & Visits

Renting with a Community Housing Provider (CHP) such as Wentworth is different to renting with a private real estate agent or landlord.

As a CHP, Wentworth can charge a much more affordable rent and must conduct several Client Service Visits and Property Inspections at each property it manages every year. Because this may be a different experience for you, we have explained these visits and inspections below.

Client Service Visits

Wentworth will visit you at home from time to time. We call these visits Client Service Visits or CSVs.

At a CSV we may ask a few questions to help us make sure our records about your household are correct. We will also discuss the condition of your home and yard, and we will take photographs. If you need any support, please talk to your CSO.

If you live in a leasehold property, the agent or owner may also attend the visit with Wentworth. You will be given seven (7) days’ notice prior to the scheduled inspection date.

Property Surveys

Separate from your regular CSVs, we conduct surveys on all the properties we manage. This is sometimes also called an inspection. Surveys are a legal requirement and involve a detailed inspection of your home as an asset. It will take up to one hour.

Surveys help us to plan maintenance to the properties we look after in the long-term. At Wentworth, we call this long-term maintenance ‘planned works’.

This visit will feel different from a CSV. A Wentworth representative will contact you to agree on a suitable time. The person who visits your home in this instance is not an employee of Wentworth. As a community housing tenant, you must provide access to your home for these important surveys.