Changes in Circumstance

Wentworth understands that you might have friends or relatives stay with you from time to time and that people’s circumstances change.

The tenancy agreement notes the number of people that can live in your home. If this changes and someone moves in or out, please discuss it with your CSO as soon as possible. A change to the number of people living in your home might increase the rent you need to pay, or you may need to request a transfer to a larger home.

If there are changes to your household, you will be asked to provide the following documents.

Changes in circumstancesInformation to provide to Wentworth
A household member stops workingA separation certificate or a letter from their employer and confirmation of their new income e.g. Centrelink Income Statement
A household member begins work / starts a new jobTwo (2) wage slips and evidence of their employment start date
There is a new household member (this includes a new baby)Proof of their income (such as wage slips or an income statement from Centrelink) or a Birth Certificate
A household member leavesDocumentation of alternative housing
A household member’s work hours or pay rate changesWage slips confirming new hours or rate
A Centrelink benefit changes for any reasonAn up to date Income Statement
A child turns 18Proof of their income such as wage slips or an Income Statement from Centrelink