Heading Home

In 2016, Wentworth launched this bold and ambitious initiative, designed to tackle the issue homelessness in the Nepean, Blue Mountains region of Sydney. 

Heading Home brings together a diverse range of local partners and stakeholders including homelessness services, real-estate agents, local and state government, community groups and local businesses.

The project has four clear objectives:

  1. To identify people who are homeless and capture a comprehensive picture of the homeless population through “Registry Weeks”
  2. To identify the health and housing needs of people identified during the Registry Week event
  3. To find suitable accommodation for people identified as homeless
  4. To support them to sustain their tenancies. 

After completing objectives 1 and 2, Heading Home identified a need for more suitable homes for people transitioning from homelessness. The project then shifted focus to exploring and developing creative housing solutions to meet this need. Garden Flats and Tiny Homes were two projects to emerge from this process.

Garden Flats

This aim of this initiative is to support landlords to build and lease garden flats to people in need of affordable housing. We held a Garden Flats Expo in November 2018 and generated strong interest, with more than 500 people attending.

Taking on board feedback from interested parties, we developed a new, innovative financing model to make building a Garden Flat more viable and attractive. The project has now moved into a pilot phase, with our first tenant successfully housed in a Garden Flat in June 2020.

Tiny Homes

Inspired by the growth and success of the Tiny Homes movement in various locations around the world, we are currently searching for appropriate land to build a Tiny Homes pilot village. We have met with a range of landowners, including the NSW State Government, to discuss our plans.

This project received a significant boost when Sunrise Rotary Club of the Upper Mountains came on board as a fundraising supporter.

The Heading Home project has been honoured with two awards for its innovative and proactive approach to addressing the issue of homelessness:

  • The Western Sydney ZEST Award for Exceptional Community Partnership Project Across the Region
  • The Australian Housing Industry (AHI) Professional Excellence in Housing Award for Leading Community Engagement Practice

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