Support Services

Adult Homelessness and Housing Support Service

Wentworth is a lead agency in two Specialist Homelessness Services and a key partner in a third.

This service is delivered in partnership with West Connect Domestic Violence Services and the Community Restorative Centre. If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness, we can help you find and secure a home, get back on your feet and connect with your community.

We can help you to find a private rental property, access rental assistance and help you apply for social or affordable housing.

We can also help you find the support you need to stabilise your situation, create a home and keep your home.

Tenancy Support Service

Delivered in partnership with Lithgow Community Projects, The Gender Centre and Platform Youth Services, we can offer support if you are in the private rental market and at risk of eviction.

If you have recently become homeless, the service can also help you quickly re-enter the private rental market by connecting you with real estate agents and helping you find the right property.



We provide  specialist  support to women and children in the Hawkesbury who are experiencing or escaping domestic violence. We deliver this service in partnership with West Connect Domestic Violence Services.

If you need a place to stay and stabilise your situation, we can help find temporary and short-term accommodation. We have one home that provides accommodation for up to twelve months. We can also help you to find a private rental property, access rental assistance and apply for social or affordable housing.

The service also provides domestic and family violence support to you if you remain in your own home.

Other Services

In addition to our three Specialist Homelessness Services, we also:

  • Provide casework support to those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the communities we serve
  • Access to housing information forums such as the Homelessness Hubs in Penrith and the Hawkesbury
  • Support the work of the Baptist Church of South Windsor’s Baptist Emergency Accommodation Ministry (BEAM). This service offers support if you live in the Hawkesbury region, are facing a crisis and need short-time accommodation. Wentworth assists by making and assessing referrals and providing case management support.

If you would like to find out more or connect with any of these services, please contact Wentworth’s Customer Service Team: